Launch immediate real-time promotions and boost your profitability!
Anti-Groupon: you don't have to lose money on your promotions anymore!
The best Korean brands trust us!
Aggressive sales:
Example: Pizzeria launched a promo of 10% discount for 85 seats from 10am to 12pm
Improve efficiency with Campeat
Create promotions, dictate conditions (discount size, amount, period) and attract customers exactly when you need them. Setting up an account with Campeat will take less than 3 minutes.
Aggressive marketing:
Example: Restaurant launched a promo of 60% discount for a cheese cake with mandatory condition of buying a coffee.
Effective sales of leftover food:
Example: Bakery launched a promo of 30% discount between 7pm and 8pm.
setting up deep discounts for closing hours to avoid food waste and save the nature.
setting up a small number of deep discounts for a specific menu.
setting up a large number of low percentage discounts.
Learn your customers
Increase customer engagement using surveys, quizzes, and games and analyze the results!
Keep it simple
Payments do not go through Campeat, so no POS integration is needed. 0% commission!
Increase your profitability
Acquire target customer during specific times of the day and increase your sales without overspending!
Achieve extraordinary results!
Get the Family Benefits
Access to a network of wholesalers and service providers.
Campeat and Restaurateur Club of Kazakhstan have launched a Free program with prize pool of 1 000 000 KZT.
Boost your business with Campeat!
Results of our merchant clients in South Korea
100 +
10 000+
Reviews of satisfied clients
Campeat has indeed been able to drive significant traffic to our restaurant, especially during times of low traffic. We were also able to better understand our customers through survey feature.
Mr. Young
The owner of The Halal Guys
Campeat was a great tool that not only introduced the Ratthat brand to thousands of new customers, but also helped us get closer to them. I would definitely recommend Campeat to my colleagues.
Mr. Jung
The owner of Ratthat
№1 trending App in Google Playstore Korea, November 2019
Campeat для ресторанов
Campeat Korea
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1 month
  • - Discount management dashboard
1 month
  • - Discount management dashboard
9,900 KZT
1 month
  • - Discount management dashboard
  • - Interactive surveys, quizzes and games
11,900 KZT
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